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    Zadro Sunlight 365 from is a light that mimics natural sunlight. It is design specifically to produce the wavelengths of light in order to give user the appearance of artificial sun. 10,000 lux of light. Light regulates our lives. We wake up with the light and go to sleep when it is dark. During winter months when there is not a lot of natural sunlight and it's raining or snowing you might be effected by not being as active and feeling the blues. A bright light in a sunlight frequency can help as your brain perceives it as a natural sunlight.

    Zadro Sunlight 365 Features:

    • Sunlight without harmful UV rays
    • Natural sunlight rebalances our melatonin & serotonin
    • It is safe as there is no UV
    • There are no chemicals
    • It is portable - you can travel with this unit
    • Product dimensions: 2½" x ¾" x 5"
    Zadro Sunlight 365 Includes:
    • 35 blue LED's / light frequency 470nm
    • Adjustment of light intensity
    • Countdown timer
    • Desktop clock
    • LED backlight
    • Pouch
    • Power adapter

    Part numbers: SUN365

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