Swede-O Thermoskin AFG Stabilizer

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    Swede-O Thermoskin AFG Stabilizer from HealthyKin.com has been designed to increase circulation. This increased blood flow may provide temporary pain relief from diabetic neuropathy, raynaud's disease and arthritic conditions in the foot and ankle. Side stabilizer inserts and an elastic figure-8 strap provide support for weak ankles. Non-slip sole provides stability when walking.

    Insert plastic side stabilizers in pockets on the inside. Pull the AFG Stabilizer on your foot until snug. Wrap the strap around the back of the ankle and secure onto itself or if you require additional support, pull the strap in a figure-8 pattern underneath and around the ankle.

    Swede-O Thermoskin AFG Stabilizer Features:

    • Increases circulation
    • Provides support for weak ankles
    • Non-slip sole provides stability when walking
    • Sold individually; fits right or left foot
    Swede-O Thermoskin AFG Stabilizer Sizing (based on shoe size):
    • X-Small: Women's 4-6; Men's 3-5
    • Small: Women's 7-9; Men's 6-7
    • Medium: Women's 10-11; Men's 8-10
    • Large: Women's 12-13; Men's 11-12
    • X-Large: Women's 14-15; Men's 13-14

    Part numbers: 82233, 83233, 84233, 85233, 86233

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