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    Max Portable Electronic Magnifier from is a powerful and affordable digital magnifier that is simple to use. Use this lightweight, hand-held portable device on any straight or curved surface to magnify images and text. Connects quickly to any TV or monitor and is ideal for use at work, school or even on vacation.

    Max Portable Electronic Magnifier Features:
    • Affordably priced
    • Lightweight, convenient and easy to use
    • 16x to 28x adjustable magnification (20" monitor)
    • 4 viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness
    • Magnifies print or images on any surface - curved or flat
    • Computer compatible (with USB Bridge option)
    • Combine Max with a 12" battery operated LCD or connect to any TV
    • 2 year warranty
    Max Portable Electronic Magnifier Optional Accessories:
    • MAX Panel - The Max Panel incorporates Max with a 12" LCD screen attached to a rechargeable battery power pack. Ideal for use on-the-go, Max Panel runs up to five hours without recharging. View full-color, magnified images on a slim, portable screen. Flexible soft case included.
    • USB Bridge - View documents anywhere with the added benefit of portability. The USB Bridge allows you to use your laptop as the viewing screen and to be outlet free.

    Part numbers: MAX-BW, MAX-C, MAX-C-B, MAXP-BW, MAXP-C, ACC-0009-00, MXX-0032-00

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