Mediflow Logic Back Supreme Backrest

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    Mediflow Logic Back Supreme Backrest from is the only back support that doesn't push you off your seat. By correcting the position of both the pelvis and the lumbar back, the two upper curves of the spine automatically align. Contoured opening and side supports create 100% neutral lumbar alignment. Reduces pain in low back, mid back, shoulders, neck and head while it relieves muscle tension. It transforms any chair into an ergonomic, corrective device. Independently adjustable straps custom fit to your lumbar spine.

    Mediflow Logic Back Supreme Backrest Features:
    • Helps you maintain the same neutral, effortless posture as when standing
    • Contoured "no stress zone" doesn't push you off your seat
    • Provides comfortable sitting position for longer periods of time
    • "No stress zone" places pelvis at best angle to support lumbar curve
    • Adjustable internal straps for customized fit
    • Side legs keep it correctly in place in any chair or seat

    Part numbers: 1481-04

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