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    Explora Plus Portable Electronic Magnifier from HealthyKin.com makes for quick and easy magnification. A single button turns the unit on, controls the LED lights and turns the unit off. Various modes, such as full color, MD with pure white text on a pure black background, enhanced positive with pure black text on a pure white background and grayscale where the color is removed for increased clarity are all controlled by a single button. Using the 'freeze' button, an image can easily be taken and held on the screen while you move the Explora-Plus closer to your eyes for a more detailed look.

    If you are looking for a portable, truly pocket size, electronic magnifier that is fully loaded and yet still remains simple, affordable and has outstanding image quality, look no further than the Explora-Plus.

    Explora Plus Portable Electronic Magnifier Features:
    • Non-slip rubber coating
    • 3.5" non-glare, backlit, TFT screen
    • Vivid, crisp, full color image
    • MD mode (pure white text on pure black background)
    • Enhanced positive image (pure black text on pure white background)
    • Grayscale image where all the color is removed for clarity
    • LED's can be turned on/off for highly reflective surfaces
    • Smooth linear zoom from 4.5x to 9.0x magnification
    • Image freeze, for close up review
    • External power for extended battery free use
    • TV out allows the image to be displayed on any regular television
    • Center mounted camera for intuitive use
    • Tripod mounting for sheer convenience (tripod included)
    • Left or right hand use
    • Two wrist strap mounting options
    • Uses readily available AAA batteries
    • Auto power off function
    • Rechargeable batteries and charger included
    • 77 x 85 x 25mm (approximately 3" x 3.4 " x 1")
    • 108g (less than 4 ounces)
    • One year parts and labor warranty
    Explora Plus Portable Electronic Magnifier Benefits:
    • Check the menu at a restaurant
    • Read the numbers on a credit card
    • Be sure which bank card it is
    • Read product labels at the supermarket
    • Make sure a prescription is correct
    • Read a notice at the post office
    • Look at the settings on an oven or microwave
    • See what a forms says in the bank
    • Check a receipt before leaving a shop
    • Read a timetable at the train station
    • Check a plant label at the garden center
    Explora Plus Portable Electronic Magnifier Optional Accessories:
    • Acrylic Stand: Lightweight acrylic stand to help you hold steady and guide your magnifier across the page
    • Padded Bag: Keep your Explora magnifier safe and protected
    • Microfibre Bag: Soft, protective microfibre bag

    Part numbers: EX+N, EXPAS, PMMB, MFMB

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