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    Peptamen with Prebio from is a complete elemental liquid diet that provides nutrition while helping gut health and tolerance.

    Meeting the challenges of GI tract-related issues with Peptamen With Prebio, a formula that provides vital nutrition while helping absorption and digestion. Every serving contains 4 grams of Prebio—a prebiotic fiber blend that helps support a healthy gut microflora—and 16% of calories from whey-based peptides. The result is an ideal combination of protein, lipids, vitamins and minerals that's as easy to tolerate as it's helpful for your entire body.

    Peptamen with Prebio Features:

    • Formulated to provide complete or supplemental nutritional support as an easily absorbed oral or tube-fed formula for patients with impaired gastrointestinal function
    • Designed for the dietary management of patients with chronic diarrhea, short-bowel syndrome, chronic pancreatitis, delayed gastric emptying, HIV/AIDS, radiation enteritis, malabsorption, hypoalbuminemia and Cystic fibrosis
    • 8.45 fl. oz. ready to use Tetra Prisma container

    Part numbers: 9871618185, 9871618185

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