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    PhenylAde Amino Acid Blend from is a precise mixture of essential and nonessential amino acids for the dietary management of Phenylketonuria (PKU). These products provide an effective alternative to the traditional "all-in-one" medical food. Simply fortify any PKU formula, low protein food or flavored beverage with PhenylAde Amino Acid Blend. These products allow for greater variety and flexibility which can reduce formula fatigue often associated with the traditional PKU diet. Meeting the needs for some key minerals and trace elements can be difficult when following a phenylalanine restricted diet. PhenylAde MTE Amino Acid Blend contains added calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, molybdenum and selenium to help fulfill requirements for these important nutrients. Each serving provides 10 grams of phenylalanine-free protein.

    PhenylAde Amino Acid Blend Features:

    • Unflavored, tasteless and odorless
    • 80g of protein equivalent per 100g of phenylalanine free powder
    • Simply fortify your favorite low protein foods or drinks
    • Fat free, sugar free & low calorie
    • Allows you to create your own custom PKU formula
    • Add to your current PKU formula to boost amino acid protein intake
    • Available in cans and convenient 'slimline' single serve pouches
    • Suitable for individuals over 1 year of age with proven PKU

    Part numbers: 95964, 95004, 9596, 9500

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