PhenylAde 40 Drink Mix

    Applied Nutrition Corp
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    PhenylAde 40 Drink Mix from is a great tasting, low volume PKU formula to help reduce formula fatigue and support diet compliance. Make this exciting PKU drink part of your low protein diet and PKU management plan. Each serving (25g) provides 10 grams of phenylalanine-free protein.

    PhenylAde 40 Drink Mix Features:

    • Available in Unflavored and great tasting Citrus flavor
    • 40g of protein equivalent per 100g of phenylalanine-free powder
    • Only 1/2 gram of fat per serving
    • Reduced volume for easier dietary compliance
    • Complete with essential vitamins and minerals to help meet daily requirements
    • Available in a convenient 'go anywhere' single-serve pouch
    • Suitable for individuals over 1 year of age with proven PKU

    Part numbers: 95404, 95414

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