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    PhenylAde PheBLOC Tablets from are a precise blend of Large Neutral Amino Acids (LNAA) and essential amino acids (EAA) uniquely formulated to prevent high levels of phenylalanine from entering the brain. This concentration of LNAA in the blood, blocks the transport of phenylalanine across the blood brain barrier (BBB). This results in lower phenylalanine levels and a better balance of other amino acids in the brain. PheBLOC allows for a relaxed PKU diet which includes more choices of natural protein from a wide variety of foods. The relaxed PheBLOC diet helps to reduce the burden of high priced, low protein specialty products. You will have more choices in restaurants and social settings making the diet less complicated.

    PhenylAde PheBLOC Tablets Features:

    • Flavorless and odorless
    • Allows for a relaxed PKU diet
    • Provides a full complement of essential amino acids (without phenylalanine)
    • Simplifies PKU diet management
    • Eliminates need for expensive low protein foods
    • An alternative to PKU drug therapy
    • Suitable for individuals over 12 years of age with proven PKU
    • 750mg tablets
    • Jar of 550 tablets

    Part numbers: 95501

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