HydroTac Foam Wound Dressing

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    HydroTac Foam Wound Dressing from HealthyKin.com is a unique absorbent dressing with a net shaped hydrogel wound contact layer. HydroTac can be used for the treatment of slightly to moderately exuding wounds as it offers sufficient absorption with top film water vapor permeability, to provide an optimal moist wound environment to support effective wound healing. For dry wounds, the net shaped hydrogel wound contact layer provides moisture as required, rehydrating the wound bed. HydroTac Comfort offers the same unique benefits to the wound bed but with an additional acrylic adhesive border, providing an all-in-one dressing for waterproof protection of the wound. Both HydroTac and HydroTac Comfort are indicated for the treatment of wounds in the granulation and epithelialisation stage of healing. They can be used as follow up treatment after TenderWet and/or PermaFoam in the latter stages of wound healing.

    HydroTac Foam Wound Dressing Features:
    • Latex free hydroactive dressing
    • Combines absorption and moisture donation to keep chronic wounds in balance
    • Highly absorbing foam removes excessive wound exudate quickly
    • Innovative AquaClear gel technology releases necessary moisture when treating drier wounds
    • Top polyurethane layer protects against bacteria and moisture

    Part numbers: 685810, 685815, 685832, 685844
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