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    ProStat Renal Care Liquid Protein from is an essential formula for the management of hypoalbuminemia and constipation. It is an enzyme- hydrolyzed concentrated complete protein with 15 grams of protein (30% DV), 3 grams of fiber (20% DV), and 100 k/cal per 30 ml (one ounce). ProStat Renal Care is rich in Arginine, Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline with high nitrogen donor capability to accelerate tissue healing, a critical factor in replenishing depleted protein stores in patients with pressure ulcers, malnutrition, and low albumin levels. Pro-Stat is clinically proven to improve protein anabolism in hemodialysis patients It is indicated for hypoalbuminemia, protein energy malnutrition, unintentional weight loss, dialysis, fluid restricted, wounds, low fiber and protein intake and bowel irregularity.

    ProStat Renal Care Liquid Protein Features:

    • One ounce (30 ml) provides 15 g protein, 3 g fiber and 100 Kcal
    • 30 % DV of protein, 20% DV of fiber
    • Complete protein - hydrolyzed for rapid absorption
    • Contains Fiber with Prebiotics to promote colon health & regularity
    • Low in sodium, potassium, phosphorus
    • Ideal for med pass or as a supplement
    • Acceptable for diabetics
    • Low cost, easy-to-give, easy-to-take, ready-to-use liquid
    • Delicious tangerine flavor
    • Sugar free
    • High fiber
    • 30 oz bottle

    Part numbers: 60064, 60064

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      1. on 3/5/2018, said:
      I started to use renal prostat 3 yrs ago when my husband was diagnosed with end stage renal failure; i learnt about the product throygh my job. In january i was wondering if the product was making a diffrence in his care or was it a waste of monies? I decided to discontinue the product, but continue to do and give him the usual as the right foods according to his dietsry restrictions and the whey. February's monthly blood work came back and his protein and his albumin levels were very low. Once i got him on track his numbers were never low. I bought the renal prostat again and began to give it to him 2xs a day. I recieved his blood work up report card for march and his protein and albumin levels greatly improved. This product is helping him wurh his care and worth the money. I will highly recommend this product to all renal failure patients.
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