Bioguard Conforming Bandage

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    Bioguard Conforming Bandage from features a novel cationic biocide that kills pathogens within the dressing. This provides a barrier to bacterial penetration protecting patients from external contaminants, a reduction in bacteria and other pathogens from wound fluid, and also protection against cross-contamination to the caregiver during dressing changes. Bioguard Conforming Bandages provide clinicians with cost-effective, fast and long-lasting dressing to be used as part of their overall infection protection programs. 4-log (99.99%) kill rates in 10 minutes and continued activity for 24 hours make Bioguard Conforming Bandages extremely effective, even in the presence of wound fluid or other proteinaceous fluids.

    Bioguard Conforming Bandage Features:

    • Contains a strong cationic biocide known as Poly (diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride) or (pDADMAC)
    • exhaustively tested for safety and biocompatibility
    • Shown in vitro to be effective against a wide variety of pathogens
    • Sterile

    Part numbers: 97441, 97441, 97241, 97241

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