Skil-Care Heel Float Air Boot

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    Skil-Care Heel Float Air Boot from off-loads the heel by suspending it off the mattress. It includes a high-rise pod that allows the caregiver to raise or lower the heel based on the individuals needs. The boot is lighter that most other heel boots and may be more comfortable for some residents. Also, the four air holes allow for air circulation that keeps the foot cooler.

    This universally sized air boot fits most residents. It has two straps that allow for easy adjustment. The straps should be closed tight enough not to allow for excessive movement and not too tight to interfere with residents comfort. This boot has two air valves and both valves should be inflated so that the boot feels soft. Note, that in most circumstances, this boot comes pre-inflated. Place the residents foot in the boot and make sure that there is space between the bed and heel. If the heel is resting on the bed then slightly increase the heel-pad inflation with the equal air pump.

    Remove the boot every 8 to 12 hours to check for skin irritation, ischemia or discoloration. Assure that the heel is placed towards the back and is placed the opening. The air boot can be wiped clean with soap and water or a disinfectant.

    Skil-Care Heel Float Air Boot Features:

    • Off-loads the heel with hi-rise air pocket
    • Provides maximum air circulation for healing or prevention of heel or leg ulcers
    • Comfortable inner lining for reduction of shear forces
    • One size fits most
    • Sold individually

    Part numbers: 503510

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