Nytone Enuretic Bed Wetting Alarm

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    Nytone Enuretic Bed Wetting Alarm from HealthyKin.com  is an enuretic (bedwetting) control unit - an electronic warning device worn on the wrist like a watch. It is completely portable and requires no attachments to the bed and is absolutely safe to the child.

    Under normal conditions, people awaken to a physical signal from within their bodies and then go to the bathroom. This awakening to the body's signal is called a reflex action, and it is usually developed in babyhood. When it is not, bedwetting occurs. Fortunately, the reflex action can be acquired.

    It was found, many years ago, that by causing an alarm to go off at the instant wetting began, a conditioning process was initiated with the child, and if continued for an average of 30 days, the child would learn to control himself. This priniciple is well known and when properly used has proven effective in approximately 87% of the cases used.

    The earlier alarm devices required pads under the sheets of the bed and were non-portable, which proved an inconvenience to the user. The NYTONE unit was developed to overcome this problem by providing a simple, lightweight and attractive device that attaches to the wrist of the child.

    The unit is attached to the wrist with a wire going up the sleeve and down to the front of the shorts, where fasteners are connected. When the child starts to wet, the device detects the moisture and sets off the alarm. Generally this is done before the bed is wet. The alarm is stopped by simply releasing the fasteners.

    The habit of bedwetting, in most cases, is the result of extremely sound sleep. This is not a normal sleep and may have been caused by one or more of many factors, possibly when the child was younger. However, the fact remains, the deep sleep is making it very difficult for the child to overcome the bedwetting without help. You, the parent, can furnish this much needed help by using the Nytone Alarm as directed.

    Nytone Enuretic Bed Wetting Alarm Features:
    • Bedwetting alarm, worn on the wrist, with moisture detecting fasteners that attach to underwear
    • One or two drops of moisture will set off the alarm before the bed gets wet
    • Weighs only 8 oz
    • 30-day warranty
    • Includes 15V batteries

    Part numbers: 92978

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