DermaRite Sterile Bordered Gauze


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    DermaRite Sterile Bordered Gauze from offers advanced wound care with its three-layer design: a low-adherent layer for wound protection, absorbent gauze for exudate absorption, and non-woven adhesive tape for secure placement and a moist wound environment. Its soft and flexible nature allows it to conform effortlessly to challenging wound sites while being gentle on the skin. Suitable for daily use as both primary and secondary dressing, it prevents linting and external contamination, making it ideal for managing various partial and full-thickness wounds with minimal to moderate exudate.

    DermaRite Sterile Bordered Gauze Features:

    • Three-layer design for effective wound care
    • Soft, flexible, and gentle on the skin
    • Ideal for daily use

    Part numbers: 00255, 00256

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