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    P3 International Vibrasonic Molechaser from HealthyKin.com is the most advanced Molechaser available, providing up to 13,500 square feet (1/3 acre) of coverage. Moles, voles, shrews, gophers and other destructive burrowing rodents can’t hide anymore. A patented motor drive generates powerful vibrations that, though harmless to pets and humans, are irritating to rodents. Intermittent emissions minimize the chance that rodents will become immune to the effect. The Vibrasonic Molechaser is anodized with a rich gold tone and crafted from a single billet of aluminum to ensure lifetime performance. The watertight cap allows easy insertion at ground level, protecting your lawn mower and making it virtually invisible. The battery cylinder allows you to change batteries without removing the unit from the ground.

    P3 International Vibrasonic Molechaser Features:

    • Up To 13,500 sq. feet (1/3 acre) coverage 
    • Bury flush with ground for easy mowing
    • Rodents are chased away unharmed
    • Does not affect pets
    • Convenient battery change cylinder 
    • 100% waterproof
    • 4 D batteries last 4-6 months (not included)

    Part numbers: P7906

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