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    P3 International P7920 Chemical Free Water Conditioner from HealthyKin.com prevents limescale buildup in pipes and appliances. Limescale buildup is a serious problem in any household with residue that can become as hard as stone, causing a decrease in water pressure and showerheads to spray in every direction. Your pipes and appliances may clog with deposits requiring expensive solutions.

    The Chemical Free Water Conditioner helps to reduce limescale buildup. Compact, cost efficient and maintenance free, it slides over any water pipe. Reduce buildup without reliance on chemicals, using state of the art high-powered ceramic ferrite magnets that polarize salt molecules in hard water. No moving parts or batteries reducing maintenance and operational cost to zero.

    The Water Conditioner literally fits in seconds. Simply hold the Water Conditioner with the top facing upward and slide the top segment to the right and the bottom segment to the left. The Water Conditioner then comes apart into two halves. Place the bottom half around the cold water pipe and slide the top half from the right to the left, reengaging the fixing lugs. The Water Conditioner will remain clamped around your pipe working efficiently for years, without any maintenance whatsoever.

    P3 International P7920 Chemical Free Water Conditioner Features:

    • Guaranteed For Ten Years
    • PVC And Ceramic Ferrite Magnets
    • Does not Affect Taste or Health Benefits Of Water
    • Fits Standard 3⁄4" Pipe
    • Specifications:
      • Model: P7920
      • Weight: 10.5 oz.
      • Length: 7.75"
      • Width: 1"
      • Depth: 2"
      • Dimensions: 4" X 2" X 1½"

    Part numbers: P3-P7920

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      1. on 8/19/2013, said:
      My wife and I had our doubts as to whether these magnets would help with our water; however, we have been pleasantly surprised. We didn't expect immediate results based on the research we previously conducted and we didn't expect to see our water hardness levels eliminated (or affected at all); we really just thought we'd be wasting our money. Here's what happened: I installed the product and forgot about it. Remember, I thought I was wasting our money. Nothing happened at first. Then, after about a week I noticed my hands felt different after I washed them at the kitchen sink. I dismissed it. A couple of days later, I noticed the dish washing liquid bubbled more; I started using less. Around this time, I noticed that my showers felt different. The next day I noticed our dishes appeared different; they weren't hazy any more, also the kitchen sink looked cleaner than usual. Now it was about this time that my wife started making comments like how her skin felt and how her hair felt and how the water felt and so on. The calcium build up on the sink faucets are actually going away by themselves. The product has been installed for about a week now and I am actually very, very surprised at the results. I expect to see a little more improvement over the next week or so as the calcium deposits are gradually removed from the hot water heater. I really can't believe the impact this little device has made on our water. I do want to caution everyone out there about something. This device will not REMOVE the minerals that cause hard water and you will not see an improvement on the water hardness test, but just be patient and your water will definitely show improvement. The manufacturer only claims to be 'conditioning' the water, not softening it. I highly recommend this device! ~Tracy
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