Bauerfeind GloboPed Forefoot Relief Shoe

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    Bauerfeind GloboPed Forefoot Relief Shoe from is ideal for Diabetic Forefoot Ulcers & Neuropathic Ulcers. It removes pressure from the forefoot for injuries and post surgical forefoot conditions and reduces convalescent time. The shield is detachable and can beattached at a later time to any forefoot orthosisusing the drill holes in the sole of the product.

    Bauerfeind GloboPed Forefoot Relief Shoe Features:
    • Reduced convalescent timeThree straps for optimal fit
    • Early patient mobility
    • Soft inside lining, no seams
    • Shield prevents undesired contactwith foreign objects
    • Shield made from ABS, heat moldable
    Bauerfeind GloboPed Forefoot Relief Shoe Sizing:
    • Small: Men's shoe size 3 to 5½; Women's shoe size 6 to 8½
    • Medium: Men's shoe size 6 to 9½; Women's shoe size 9 to 11½
    • Large: Men's shoe size 10 to 12½; Women's shoe size 12 to 13½
    • Extra Large: Men's shoe size 13 to 15; Women's shoe size 13½+
    Note: Sold individually. Fits right or left foot

    Part numbers: 36627000010000, 36627000020000, 36627000030000, 36627000040000

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