Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3 Elastic Knee Support Brace


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    Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3 Elastic Knee Support Brace from centers the patella during joint movement and stimulates the skin receptors and nerve endings in the muscle-tendon transition around the knee to enhance proprioception and decrease pain and swelling.

    Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3 Elastic Knee Support Brace Features:

    • Knobbed silicone insert activates several key joint muscles (vastus medialis, gastrocnemius) while decreasing pain and swelling in the medial compartment
    • Centers the patella through corrective wire in the knit during joint movement and insert stimulates skin receptors and nerve endings in muscle-tendon transition around knee to enhance proprioception
    • Lightweight, breathable, anatomical knit provides controlled compression to reduce swelling and edema and optimizes temperature regulation providing a cool, comfortable fit
    • Special stretch knit in calf area facilitates easy donning and doffing
    • Silicone banding at the top on the support and medial/lateral stays prevent migration
    • Great for athletes or more active people with patellar and arthritic pain
    • Promotes proprioception, thus heightening sensory awareness in the knee for increased joint stabilization
    • Special, non-irritative weave in the critical area behind the knee prevents bunching and pinching
    • Machine washable makes it easy to care for and cost effective
    • Can be used to treat:
      • Osteoarthritis
      • Patellar (knee) subluxation
      • Chondromalacia
      • Patellar (knee) dislocation
      • Anterior knee pain
      • Knee instability due to general muscular imbalance
      • Osgood-Schlatter's disease after lateral release surgery
      • Jumper's Knee
    Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3 Elastic Knee Support Brace Sizing:
    • Size 1: 11 to 12¼" below knee; 15 to 16¼" above knee
    • Size 2: 12¼ to 13¼" below knee; 16¼ to 17¼" above knee
    • Size 3: 13¼ to 14½" below knee; 17¼ to 18½" above knee
    • Size 4: 14½ to 15¾" below knee; 18½ to 19¾" above knee
    • Size 5: 15¾ to 17" below knee; 19¾ to 20¾" above knee
    • Size 6: 17 to 18¼" below knee; 20¾ to 22" above knee
    Size is determined by loosely measuring:
    • Point 1. Loose circumference at 4¾ inches below center of the knee
    • Point 2. Loose circumference at 5½ inches above center of the knee

    Part numbers: 11041251010601, 11041251010602, 11041251010603, 11041251010604, 11041251010605, 11041251010606, 11041251010701, 11041251010702, 11041251010703, 11041251010704, 11041251010705, 11041251010706, 11041251080601, 11041251080602, 11041251080603, 11041251080604, 11041251080605, 11041251080606, 11041251080701, 11041251080702, 11041251080703, 11041251080704, 11041251080705, 11041251080706

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      2. on 5/2/2019, said:
      40 year old football injury torn ACL was not fixed because surgery was not invented at that time. Tore all the other ligaments and all cartlidge was removed. Complete bone on bone. It is recommended a complete knee replacment. I have limited mobility and severe pain dailly. Saw this brace on i ternet and all revuews were so positive I had to take a chance even though the price was high. This brace has been a godsend The moment I put it on NO PAIN! I wear it all day and when I take it off when I get home no swelling and my knee has more mobility and range of motion. It feels if it acts as my cartlidge and support ligaments. Do not hestitate to get this if you have a knee like mine.
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