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Foot Levelers Pillo-Pedic Neck Pillow from is recommended by chiropractors nationwide for people with neck pain. The Pillo-Pedic Pillow provides gentle neck traction while you sleep, helping to promote correct neck alignment and maintain cervical spine support. Pillo-Pedic's patented four-way design includes a specially constructed edge for added support, and a flat profile which helps eliminate pillow roll away. Designed for both side or back sleeping positions, the Pillo-Pedic helps pillow users wake well rested and refreshed after a great night's sleep! This chiropractic pillow also helps to relieve whiplash, neck and shoulder discomfort and tension headaches.

Foot Levelers Pillo-Pedic Neck Pillow Features:
  • Narrow and wide edge and a soft and medium center
  • Provides therapeutic traction and support for the cervical spine
  • Patented "4-in-1" design for support and comfort
  • Relieves stress and muscle tension
Foot Levelers Pillo-Pedic Neck Pillow Sizing:
  • Regular: for average sized adults; 23"L x 15½"W x 4½"H
  • Junior: for children and small framed adults; 23"L x 15½"W x 3½"H
  • Extra: for large framed adults who are over 180 lbs; 23"L x 15½"W x 5½H"
  • Mini-Traveler: half the size of the Regular pillow; 11½"L x 15½"W x 4½"H
Part numbers: FTL100REG, FTL100JR, FTL100EXT, FTL101

Product Rating: (3.65)   # of Ratings: 20   Rate It! 

1. Verified Customer on 6/8/2013, said:

I continue to buy this product after the pillow needs to be replaced. It has been a great help in relieving neck and back pain. I cannot sleep on any other pillow.

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2. Verified Customer on 8/3/2013, said:

The pillow allows me to rest comfortably without waking with headaches or sore neck and shoulders. I am a small person and purchased the junior size. I originally purchased this pillow over 20 years ago because of a car crash. I am as happy with the second pillow as the first. It is great! The service was fast and reputable. I would order from this company again.

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3. Verified Customer on 1/16/2014, said:

Love this pillow! I have neck injury from car accident and this is only pillow that helps prevent headaches. My only complaint is that this pillow does not last as long as it used to. When I first purchased this pillow years ago I used 1-2 a year, now I have to replace the pillow every 1-2 months.

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4. Verified Customer on 11/30/2013, said:

these pillow i must have, the only one that works with my neck issues. but i have noticed that they just dont hold up like they used to. in the past a this pillow would last me a year, now im lucky if i get four months before my neck starts hurting. your prices are great but the shiping is just to expensive.

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5. Verified Customer on 12/28/2013, said:

My Husband uses the pillow, he loves it, this is his second one, I am glad I found it for him.

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6. Verified Customer on 10/20/2013, said:

I have gotten this pillow before (this is the third or fourth pillow) and been very happy with them. Unfortunately they changed the foam to a firmer type and I find this version very uncomfortable. I should have bought the ultra, which looks like is more like the original version of the regular. I am very happy with the service from Healthykin and will order from them again.

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7. Verified Customer on 7/1/2013, said:

I purchased this to replace a 15 year-old of the same model, which I liked very much. So far I am very disappointed, as this new pillow is much too firm and very uncomfortable.

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8. Verified Customer on 12/24/2013, said:

I purchased this pillow for my husband. He is big and tall and now he doesnt have to use an extra pillow to get the support for his neck that he needs. Will be ordering again in the near future.

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9. Verified Customer on 8/27/2013, said:

This is much firmer than the one I had before. One month later I'm still adjusting.

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10. Verified Customer on 6/29/2013, said:

Love The Pillow, Had One Before...But, Xtra Is Too Big, Even For A Large Girl Like Me...I'll Have To OrderA Regular

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11. Verified Customer on 1/20/2016, said:

I absolutely love this pillow! I have had neck problems in the past and had bought this pillow before and the pains went away. I then bought a different brand and pain came back. Went and bought this pillow again and the pain went away! I will never buy a different pillow again! Worth every cent.

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12. Verified Customer on 4/22/2015, said:

I have been using this pillow for 39 year with great success. It was recommended to me for my neck condition by the local chiropractor when I was 18 years old. My neck cervical spine was too strait and he said it would help. I lost track of how many I have bought, but after several years the foam gets soft and you need another pillow.

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13. Verified Customer on 4/17/2015, said:

I do not like this pillow at all. It's way to firm and hurts my neck more.

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14. Verified Customer on 4/3/2015, said:

Great pillow; I've used this for years with good results. Shipping charges, however, are a little expensive.

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15. Verified Customer on 3/18/2015, said:

Good Pillow. Will buy again.

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16. Verified Customer on 12/6/2014, said:

It took a few nights to get use to it. Now I won't sleep without if I know I will be outta town I take it with. My wife had one for a month now we both have our own. Highly recommend this pillow,it's the best I ever own

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17. Verified Customer on 3/11/2014, said:

Second pillow. They last a LONG time and can be altered to fit a smaller person.

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18. Verified Customer on 2/13/2014, said:

this last one i give a 2. everytime i order its different. this is the only pillow i can use to help with my vertigo. i just wish it was consistent and last a year, like it did about 10 years ago. something has changed.

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19. Verified Customer on 1/12/2014, said:

Have a jr. Neck pillow and love it! I wanted a travel pillow too, so ordered that in addition to another jr. Pillow. Unfortunately, there are only regular travel pillows, and being only 5' it is much too big for me. Haven't even opened it and found out from the company that you cannot exchange or return any item. I understand the policy, but now have a travel pillow that never will be used. Not happy about it as I would have been happy to exchange it for a full sized jr.

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20. Verified Customer on 9/2/2013, said:

Unfortunately, this pillow didn't have enough give to be comfortable. I really wanted it to work, but it made my neck and back sore.

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