Vistec X-Ray Detectable Sponges


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    Vistec X-Ray Detectable Sponges from are manufactured to meet USP Type VII standards, ensuring high quality. These sponges feature a unique dual-colored element that combines a blue radiopaque strand with a white strand. This distinctive design becomes visible when the sponge is saturated with blood, enhancing visibility during medical procedures. The latex-free dual-colored element runs through both sides of the sponge, making it easier for healthcare professionals to count and manage them effectively. These sponges undergo a precise, double vacuum delinting process, resulting in minimal lint, which is crucial for maintaining a sterile environment. Each sterile sponge is thoughtfully packaged in a robust polystyrene tray with a convenient peel-back lid. To ensure accuracy and consistency, the sponges are paper banded in sets of 10, utilizing advanced electronic counting technology to guarantee a count of 10 sponges every time. These 4-inch by 4-inch, 16-ply sponges are a reliable choice for medical procedures. Plus, they are latex-free, making them suitable for a wide range of patients and practitioners.

    Vistec X-Ray Detectable Sponges Features:

    • Dual-colored design for easy blood saturation detection
    • Low lint and sterile
    • Packaged in sets of 10 for accurate counting

    Part numbers: 7317, 7317

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