Dover Silver Coated 100% Silicone Foley Catheter


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    Dover Silver Coated 100% Silicone Foley Catheter from uses phosphate ion silver release technology, which is the latest cutting-edge vehicle to efficiently deliver ionic silver from a hydrogel matrix. The optimal goal of a release technology is to deliver positively charged ionic silver from containment without neutralizing it as it is released. The programmable particle achieves this by dissolving at a predetermined rate, while releasing 100% of the ionic silver contained in the particle make up.

    Dover Silver Coated 100% Silicone Foley Catheter Features:

    • Ionic silver hydrogel coating on inside and outside of the Foley catheter
    • Utilizes molecular particles for a controlled store and release of ionic silver for 30 days for optimum silver relase into the urethra
    • Hydrogel coating provides a lubricious surface
    • 100% silicone material is an inert material preferred for medical devices
    • Less urethral irritation and stricture versus latex material
    • Less encrustaion compared to latex catheters
    • 100% latex-free
    • Smooth, seperately molded, reinforced tip resists buckling
    • Deep stylet pocket accepts stylet securely
    • Bullet shape eases insertion for less tissue trauma
    • Smooth, hand finished eyes for no additional urethral trauma
    • Large, oval shaped eyes are ideal size for maximum drainage & design and will not allow material to obstruct drainage lumen
    • Ribbed balloon increases strength & symmetry
    • Smooth balloon to shaft transition eases insertion
    • Soft, flexible, non-rigid shaft allows for easy insertion
    • Round, smooth, uniform shaft reduces irritation to urethra
    • One wall construction shaft due to patented extrusion process resists collapsing during forced irrigation
    • Separately molded, ribbed, reinforced funnel assures proper seal to drain bag connector & various irrigation syringes
    • Bespak spring-loaded valve provides consistent inflation/deflation of Foley catheter balloon
    • 17" long
    • Sold individually

    Part numbers: 605163IC, 605189IC, 605205IC, 605247IC, 630187IC, 630203IC, 630229IC, 630245IC, 630260IC

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      Customer Reviews

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      1. on 2/16/2022, said:
      Allergic to Latex after a year. Switched to 100% Silicone but after a few years I couldn't clear up the UTI's. With the Silver Coating and a UTI, it gave comfort at last and the UTI is much better. Wish I'd started with this Catheter.
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      2. on 11/4/2019, said:
      I miss ordered as I'm allergic to silicone.
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      3. on 7/21/2015, said:
      The perfect product for long-term catheterization. Even with silicone catheter causing clogging due to biofilm in about two weeks at Silver Silicon Dover I have not noticed yet
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