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Simply Thick Instant Food Thickener from is preferred over other thickeners by people with swallowing problems. The reasons are simple: no graininess, no aftertaste, and better tasting beverages. In addition, beverages look like they should. Simply Thick is extremely easy and convenient to use. Any time, anywhere, with any beverage, Simply Thick will work for you. No messy powder. No bulky cans. No measuring spoons.

Simply Thick's pre-measured packets allow for fast and easy preparation of beverages anywhere. Each packet produces either nectar or honey consistency. Two honey packets produce pudding consistency.

Simply Thick Instant Food Thickener Features:
  • Quick - ready to drink within seconds, not minutes
  • More Beverages - hot or cold, thicken water, coffee, juice, ice, soda, supplements, milk, tea, soup, beer, wine, mixed drinks, and more.
  • Stable - does not thicken over time; prepare beverages long before they are served
  • Discreet - individual packets fit into a pocket or a purse; easy and convenient to take anywhere
  • Convenient - single-use packaging; no scoops, spoons, or open containers
  • Simple - identical preparation regardless of consistency or beverage; no thickening charts; no messy powders
  • Reproducible - regardless of who prepares beverage, always the same consistency
  • No Lumps - as a gel, can not form powder lumps
  • Dietary Benefits - soluble food fiber; adds few calories; low in carbohydrates; very low in sodium
Simply Thick Instant Food Thickener Instructions:
  • Nectar
    • 15gm (.5oz) packets thicken 4oz
    • 120gm (4.25oz) packets thicken 32oz
  • Honey
    • 30gm (1oz) packets thicken 4oz
    • 240gm (8.5oz) packets thicken 32oz
  • 64oz Pump Bottle (contains 121 'pumps')
    • For thickening 4oz
      • Nectar - 1 pump
      • Honey - 2 pumps
      • Pudding - 4 pumps
    • For thickening 8oz
      • Nectar - 2 pumps
      • Honey - 4 pumps
      • Pudding - 8 pumps
*SimplyThick brand thickener may not be used with or given to babies who are less than 37 weeks old.

Part numbers: 05010, 05000, 05000, 02001, 02004, 01001, 01004, PUMP

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1. Verified Customer on 3/6/2015, said:

Works great. Customer service is outstanding, highly recommend Healthy Kin!

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2. Verified Customer on 3/26/2014, said:

Love the stuff and it's so helpful with my swallowing disorder. The best part is that is doesn't change consistency with time or with change of temperature. So easy! I found my immersion blender with the whisk attachment was perfect for mixing a 2 quart pitcher. My little mini whisk was just a great for mixing in small packets in coffee and other beverages.

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3. Verified Customer on 3/20/2015, said:


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4. Verified Customer on 1/28/2015, said:

this is the best thickener andi it came promptly

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5. Verified Customer on 1/16/2015, said:

better than anything else ,and convenient

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6. Verified Customer on 10/5/2014, said:

Product is great and service was wonderful. Easy to use, convenient and will buy again.

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7. Verified Customer on 8/13/2014, said:

This is the best and handiest thickener. The new packets are a big improvement. The shipment was super fast!

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8. Verified Customer on 7/15/2014, said:

Simply Thick is the best for my condition !!!! I will not order anything else

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9. Verified Customer on 6/19/2014, said:

Arrived quickly, and has been a lifesaver for my mom. She strangled every time she tried to drink regular liquids. Thank you.

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10. Verified Customer on 5/6/2014, said:

great product. website easy to navigate. prompt shipment witout paying a premium

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