ThreePress Bandaging System

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    ThreePress Bandaging System from is a multi-layer compression bandaging system for superior quality and accuracy.

    ThreePress Bandaging System Features:
    • Layer One Padding Bandage is a cotton padding layer with thin foam backing that is easy to mold around the foot and ankle to protect bony prominences
    • Layer Two Compression Bandage offers light compression, conforms easily to body contours and provides an easy-to-read stretch indicator
    • Layer Three Cohesive Bandage adheres to itself and secures layers One and Two without tape
    • Three bandages work together to provide effective, sustained compression for up to seven days when applied as directed
    • Stretching accuracy is maximized by the rectangular pattern on Layer Two that clearly converts to a square when the correct amount of stretch (50%) is applied
    • Produces sub-bandage pressure at the ankle in the 30-40 mmHg range when the system is wrapped as indicated
    • For use in effectively managing venous leg ulcers and related conditions
    • An appropriate primary dressing should be applied before using the bandaging system with open wounds
    • Apply as directed in product insert
    • Kit contains 3 bandages and 3 tape strips:
      • Padding Bandage, 4" x 4.3 yards unstretched
      • Compression Bandage, 4" x 9.6 yards stretched
      • Cohesive Bandage, 4" x 6.5 yards stretched

    Part numbers: 43420000

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