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    Explora Portable Electronic Magnifier from HealthyKin.com is convenient and easy to slip in your pocket or purse, measuring just over 3" high and 1" thick. The soft touch, non-slip rubber coating feels luxurious and significantly reduces the chances of it being dropped. Additionally, the included wrist strap can be mounted to the left or the right, depending on the users preference.

    When out and about, or even at home, the Explora makes for quick and easy magnification. A single button turns the unit on, controls the LED lights and turns the unit off. If you are looking for a portable, truly pocket size, electronic magnifier that is simple, affordable and has outstanding image quality, look no further than the Explora.

    Explora Portable Electronic Magnifier Features:

    • Non-slip rubber coating
    • 3.5" non-glare, backlit, TFT screen
    • Magnification approximately 4.5x
    • Vivid, crisp, full color image
    • Single button operation
    • LED's can be turned on/off
    • Center mounted camera for intuitive use
    • Tripod mounting for sheer convenience
    • Left or right hand use
    • Two wrist strap mounting options
    • Uses readily available AAA batteries
    • Auto power off function
    • Optional rechargeable batteries and charger
    • 77 x 85 x 25mm (approximately 3" x 3.4 " x 1")
    • 108g (less than 4 ounces)
    • One year parts and labor warranty
    Explora Portable Electronic Magnifier Benefits:
    • Check the menu at a restaurant
    • Read the numbers on a credit card
    • Be sure which bank card it is
    • Read product labels at the supermarket
    • Make sure a prescription is correct
    • Read a notice at the post office
    • Look at the settings on an oven or microwave
    • See what a forms says in the bank
    • Check a receipt before leaving a shop
    • Read a timetable at the train station
    • Check a plant label at the garden center
    Explora Portable Electronic Magnifier Optional Accessories:
    • Charger & Batteries: Overnight charger and a set of rechargeable batteries
    • Charger: Overnight charger for Explora batteries
    • Batteries: A set of 4 rechargeable batteries for the Explora
    • Tripod: Fully adjustable tripod for use with the Explora
    • Acrylic Stand: Lightweight acrylic stand to help you hold steady and guide your magnifier across the page
    • Padded Bag: Keep your Explora magnifier safe and protected
    • Microfibre Bag: Soft, protective microfibre bag


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