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    Enfamil AR LIPIL Formula from HealthyKin.com with easy-to-digest rice starch, for more spit up free feedings. Research shows that spit up is the most common feeding problem among formula-fed babies. Enfamil A.R.® LIPIL® is clinically proven to reduce frequent spit up by over40%. It is a nutritionally balanced, milk-based infant formula thickened with added rice starch. It has a nutrient profile similar to routine infant formula and includes docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) andarachidonic acid (ARA), nutrients also found in breast milk, that promote brain and eye development. Enfamil A.R. LIPIL is designed for babies who spit up frequently.

    Enfamil AR LIPIL Formula Features:

    • Added rice starch formula goes down smooth, designed to thicken in baby's stomach to stay down
    • More balanced nutrition than adding rice cereal to formula
    • Approximately 4x more spit up free feedings after switching to A.R.
    • LIPIL, our blend of DHA and ARA to support baby's brain and eye development

    Part numbers: 020102, 020102

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