Sterilux Premium Gauze Sponges

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    Sterilux Premium Gauze Sponges from are woven gauze that are soft, highly absorbent and virtually lint-free. They can be used as a wound dressing, in wound cleansing, debriding of wounds, wound packing, covering, swabbing and general wound care.

    Sterilux Premium Gauze Sponges Features:
    • 100% premium woven cotton
    • Sterility (optional) assured by peel-back pouch and tray
    • High yarn count for increased absorbency
    • Folded edges prevent linting and unraveling
    • Soft texture provides superior patient comfort
    • May be used with ointment to dress a wound
    • Sterile options are packaged in 2's

    Part numbers: 56810000, 56880000, 56880000, 56910000, 56910000, 56900000
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