Rusch MMG Closed System Intermittent Catheter


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    Rusch MMG Closed System Intermittent Catheter from is clinically proven to prevent urinary tract infections. Sine the debut of the product line in the late 1980s, clinicians and end users continue to agree that UTIs are minimized by use of this revolutionary device. The Rusch/MMG is a fully enclosed within a sterile field, therefore the catheter is protected from bacteria. Simply remove the cap, load the pre-lubricated catheter into the Guardian Tip introducer, insert introducer into the urethra and pass catheter into the bladder.

    Rusch MMG Closed System Intermittent Catheter Features:
    • Fits in a pocket or purse with no bulky trays to lug around
    • Catheter and introducer tip are coated with non-allergenic, water-soluble lubricant
    • Manufactured with polished and recessed eyelets
    • Available in a full range of sizes and styles
    • Clinically proven to reduce Urinary Tract infections
    • Guardian Tip introducer tip protects catheter from contamination
    • Provides greater comfort and mobility away from home
    • All kits include: povidone iodine swabs, underpad, gauze & gloves
    • Red rubber kits contain latex

      Part numbers: ONC-12, SONC-14, ONC-14C, ONC-16, RLA-82-3, RLA-102-3, RLA-122-3, RLA-122-3C, RLA-122-3O, RLA-142-3, RLA-142-3C, RLA-142-3F, RLA-142-3O, RLA-162-3, RLA-182-3, RLA-142-3R, RLA-162-3R

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        1. on 11/13/2013, said:
        The closed catheter system is great for what my husband needs, to cath while traveling or out in public rest rooms. We had no instructions and he fumbled around when advancing the bag until he realized there was a grip site to stabilize the catheter while the bag was being straightened. Directions would have helped The introducer tip was great and keeps the chance of an infection a lot lower. I think after 3 uses he'll be able to operate it with ease.
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