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    Sklar Disinfectant from is a ready to use, highly effective cleaner and disinfectant for use in intensive care units and high-risk patient care areas, surgical suites, infant care units, plasma phoresis facilities and other areas where strict environmental control of cross contamination is critical. Sklar Disinfectant's non-caustic formula is used to thoroughly clean and disinfect dental, ophthalmic, medical and surgical equipment surfaces such as operating room lights and tables, IV and chest pumps, EMS equipment, examination room fixtures, infant incubators, respiratory therapy and anesthesia equipment, laboratory equipment and surfaces as well as other contaminated items. Sklar Disinfectant may be applied directly to surfaces or used as an immersion solution.

    Sklar Disinfectant Features:

    • Surface disinfectant and cleaner
    • Instrument decontaminant solution
    • Ultrasonic disinfection cleaning solution

    Part numbers: 10-1643, 10-1643, 10-1653, 10-1653

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