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    Nutren Junior Formula from helps meet your child's nutritional needs with a whey-based formula that can support the entire GI tract.

    Adequate nutrition is key to your child's growth and health. And from protein to vitamins and minerals, Nutren Junior Complete Liquid Nutrition has what's needed to achieve it. This helpful, well-tolerated formula provides complete liquid nutrition for children ages 1-10. The 50% whey protein formula provides an ideal amino acid profile for growth and development, faster gastric emptying to help with tolerance, and a healthy source of cysteine to help support the immune system.

    Nutren Junior Formula Features:

    • Balanced nutritional formula specifically designed to meet the nutrition needs of children ages 1-10
    • Protein blend of 50% whey, 50% casein contains more whey than any other intact protein pediatric formula
    • High whey protein content can improve tolerance, facilitate gastric emptying and support normal growth and development
    • Can be used as total or supplemental nutrition support for children who are unable to meet their nutrient requirements from regular food
    • Vanilla flavored
    • 8 fl. oz. (250 mL) ready to use containers
    • Case of 24

    Part numbers: 9871616062

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