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    AquaDerm Hydrogel Sheet from is a non-adhering dressing for use on all partial and full thickness wounds (except 3rd degree burns). It is ideal for skin tears, minor burns and ulcers. Cool and soothing to the touch, it reduces local pain and discomfort in superficial wounds. AquaDerm absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in moisture. It is permeable to air and moisture vapor, allowing excess moisture to evaporate and allowing the wound to breathe. It is transparent for easy monitoring of the wound site. Aquaderm is easy to apply and you can use either side of dressing.

    AquaDerm Hydrogel Sheet Features:

    • For the management of partial to full thickness wounds and low exudate absorption
    • For the creation and maintenance of an optimally moist wound environment
    • Provides a physical barrier to aid in preventing bacterial contamination of the wound

    Part numbers: 00322E, 00324E

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