Peptamen Intense VHP Liquid Protein Formula

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    Peptamen Intense VHP Liquid Protein Formula from features a unique protein to calorie ratio that is specifically designed to help meet the protein requirement of the critically ill patient with obesity. It contains the highest percentage of calories from protein (37%) of any complete tube feeding formula to help support maintenance of lean body mass. Petamen Bariatric uses a lipid profile to support modulation of proinflammatory mediators in the critically ill patient. The carbohydrate level is designed to support the nutritional management of blood glucose levels. The antioxidant profile supports healthy cells. Peptamen Bariatric uses a 4.4 g/L Prebio soluble fiber blend to help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria to help support digestive health.

    Peptamen Intense VHP Liquid Protein Formula Features:

    • Formerly known as Peptamen Bariatric
    • 250 calories per 8.45 oz serving
    • 37% of calories from protein
    • Appropriate for lactose intolerance
    • Gluten-free
    • Low-residue
    • Unflavored

    Part numbers: 4390043271, 4390049322

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