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    Quintet AC Blood Glucose Meter from HealthyKin.com requires small sample sizes to provide a high degree of accuracy while minimizing discomfort. A large, easy-to-read backlit display and an audible alarm help in testing and seeing results day or night. The meter features auto coding which allows it to automatically calibrate using Quintet AC Blood Glucose Test Strips, resulting in time savings. Noble metal electrodes help ensure high precision and accuracy. A large 500 test built-in memory features 1, 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 day averages, with date and time recordings. The Quintet AC Blood Glucose Monitoring System has a broad measuring range between 20-600 mg/dL with high and low test warnings that flag results falling outside acceptable parameters. An automatic power/backlight shut off feature has been built in to help save valuable battery life. Other convenient features, such as compact size, side strip entry, and unique "glove grip" paddles make the Quintet AC ideal for use at any setting, – long term care facility, physician's office, or at home.

    Quintet AC Blood Glucose Meter Features:

    • Auto coding for quick and accurate testing
    • Large memory; capable of recording up to 500 tests
    • Minimal sample size of 1.0 uL
    • Easy-to-read LCD screen with backlight
    • Ergonomic design and "glove grip" paddle strips
    • 1,000 test battery life
    • Includes Glucose Meter, Installed 3-Volt Battery, Instructions for Use, and Compact Carrying Case

    Part numbers: 5055

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      Customer Reviews

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      1. on 12/1/2023, said:
      I love this little device and how the test strips connect to it and the PRICE! I had another cheap generic device from China that I thought was OK, but it had the standard type of strip with the port for the blood droplet on one end and the electronic connector on the other. So it being my first time to use a glucometer and just glancing over instructions without reading thoroughly just to see how to use it, I read that it was fine to touch the strips pretty much anywhere. So I'm pawing around in the container touching all the strips without having washed my hands yet, trying to get one loaded into the machine before pricking my finger and touching all over them, probably including both ends. Then later I read that if you've handled food or used any lotions on your hands that could contain sugars, etc., then you could contaminate the test strips and your results, and so I could have basically ruined all of the strips in the vial touching them like that, and indeed I was getting a wide range of results, whether that was because that brand meter was inaccurate or I had touched all over the strips. ? Well, these are made different. One end is just the plastic strip to hold it by, which is pointing up in the vial so you can easily grab it. Toward the other end, one side edge is the side you push (sideways) into the top of the device, and the other side edge has a little "bump" sticking out with the port you touch to the droplet and just a short distance (the width of the strip) between that and the machine's sensors/reader where it soaks into the side of the strip and immediately starts counting down 5 seconds on the machine to the result. Now some people might not like that short of a distance between the two if they're afraid they'll get some blood on the device and contaminate it, but if you're careful just to touch the edge of that little side port to the droplet until you see it soaking into the strip and moving toward the sensor, you're not going to get any on the device. I like that it's made that way so I'm not touching all over the electronics or droplet port of the strip before testing, and I feel like it's very likely to be more accurate and not have contamination. I wish they offered the control solution at HealthyKin because their shipping was also phenomenally fast, like 2 days. Ordered one EVENING, and then one day and night passed and then BOOM! The next day, it was there! But I only see the meter and strips; however, I DO see this brand HAS control solutions, which I will be ordering elsewhere since I don't see it here. If I can update this review on the accuracy based on the control solutions in the future, I will do so. But a glucometer for less than a dollar!? And 50 strips for about $6? Sure by the time I paid for shipping (which was more than the device and strips together), it all added up to almost $20, but you still can't beat that! Price this stuff at your local Walmart. You'll still pay more in person for a meter and strips there than you will including shipping here. OH! Edit: For anyone who HAS ordered the solutions but doesn't currently have strips to see what the ranges are SUPPOSED to be (I don't understand why that info isn't supplied with the CONTROL SOLUTIONS and is instead displayed with the strips the solutions work with - it makes more sense to me to provide the range with the solutions for what they're SUPPOSED to cause the results to be on an accurately measuring device. But it's printed on the test strips vial.), for the Quintet AC, the test strips vial shows that the level 2 (normal) control solution should read in the 100-136 range, and the level 4 (high) control solution should read in the 268-362 range. I accidentally bought on Amazon (to use with that other generic device from China) the Accu-Chek Aviva level 1 and level 2 solutions since no solutions were offered for that other cheap device, wrongly thinking the range would be printed with the solutions and it should still tell me if my device was accurate, but NOWHERE can I even find what the ranges on those solutions were supposed to be, so I wasted my money. That's why I figured as long as I had the strips here for the Quintet, I would include the control solutions ranges printed on the vial in case anyone else is ever searching for that information. :-D
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      2. on 6/5/2023, said:
      I had one before. It's ok but not the best one I ever had.
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      3. on 5/14/2019, said:
      A great product for a very reasonable price.
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      4. on 3/30/2019, said:
      I used the quintet meter for years with no problems. Now because I can't get the strips anymore I had to buy an "AC" quintet. It reads 19 points higher than any of my meters. I have a few of different brands all read ~118 fasting. The new quintet reads 137. NO WAY it's accurate. Does anyone know how to calibrate it?
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      5. on 2/6/2017, said:
      Used this brand for 8yrs and no problems.
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      6. on 3/1/2016, said:
      good product for the price, easy to use and concise.
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