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    Simpurity Collagen Particles from provide the health care professional with flexibility and adaptability to place collagen in wounds of various sizes and shapes. Simpurity Collagen wound powder is a lyophilized medical grade bovine collagen presenting as a clean, white powder. And, like human connective tissue, Simpurity Collagen wound dressings are rich in Type One Collagen with a unique porous structure that provides excellent absorption and scaffolding for cell proliferation and migration. Simpurity Collagen provides substrate collagen to divert matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) digestion from healing tissues and reduces inflammation that may slow or prevent healing. Simpurity Collagen fragments provide ingredients for tissue regeneration and the 3D scaffold structure allows fibroblasts to migrate across the wound bed facilitating granulation, angiogenesis and tissue repair. In acute wounds, Simpurity Collagen rapidly activates platelets and coagulating factors to induce hemostasis.

    Simpurity Collagen Particles Features:

    • Easy application and superior conformity to the wound
    • Creates a soft, conformable gel on contact with wound fluid
    • Highly biocompatible, porous scaffold encourages healing
    • Crosslinking process increases mechanical strength and moderates enzymatic digestion
    • High exudate absorption and retention provides moist wound healing environment
    • May be used as a hemostatic dressing
    • 100%, non-bleached, native undigested Bovine Collagen

    Part numbers: SNS5001G, SNS50002

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