Assure Slide Swallowing Aid

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    Assure Slide Swallowing Aid from makes swallowing tablets, capsules and powders safer and easier.

    Assure Slide Swallowing Aid Features:

    • Slide Forte, extremely thick, is sweetened with sugar and has a pleasant vanilla taste
    • Slide acts as a carrier and stimulates saliva in the mouth and throat cavity and may help to minimize the chance that the dose will get stuck during swallowing
    • The slippery lubricating gel encapsulates the tablet or capsule, making it easier to swallow and more likely to reach the stomach without delay
    • Slide can be used with tablets, capsules and powders
    • The fresh flavor of Slide may eliminate the unpleasant taste and smell of tablets, capsules and powders
    • Slide comes in easy-to-dispense 500ml pump bottles
    • Assure Slide is safe to use Slide breaks down quickly in the stomach by the gastric acid and does not form a barrier for the body to absorb the medication or supplement; hence, Slide does not affect the absorption rate or effectiveness of medication
    • Slide has no known interactions
    • Slide is formulated with food-based ingredients that do not interact with medications
    • Slide can be used when an empty stomach is required
    • Assure Slide is easy to use Slide is a clear, gel-like substance, lightly flavored, that is taken with a spoon
    • A small amount is dispensed, via a pump, on a spoon along with the capsule/tablet and then consumed by the user in one swallow
    • Over time, you may increase the number of tablets you take per mouthful, increase the number of doses, and reduce the amount of Slide required per tablet
    • 16 oz bottle

    Part numbers: 1000002

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      1. on 12/6/2020, said:
      I am so happy that I found this product. It has really helped me with swallowing a pill that typically feels stuck in my throat or esophagus. I have also used this product for taking a pill with a bitter aftertaste and there wasn’t any bitterness at all. I highly recommend this product to anyone who may need help with swallowing pills.
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      2. on 12/18/2019, said:
      I am a nurse in a long term care facility where many residents have swallowing difficulties. We received this product for trial. I liked it so much I purchase it myself to administer medications.
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