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    PUSH Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate from HealthyKin.com is a patented blend of highly concentrated powdered collagen dipeptides designed to speed up the healing process. With a unique blend of Proline-Hydroxyproline (PO) and Hydroxyproline-Glycine (OG), this dipeptide formula reaches the cellular level in the skin, bones, and joints, making it an effective aid for wound healing. Studies have shown that PO and OG found in PUSH Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate can be found in plasma up to 4 hours after ingestion. Collagen is a key component to healthy skin, and this product can add 50%-70% more moisture to the skin while improving skin texture, moisture, and elasticity. PUSH Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate also aids in decreasing PUSH & PSST scores and promotes wound healing. With great pineapple & mixed berry flavors, it is sugar and gluten-free and mixes easily with 2-3 oz of water. Furthermore, this patented blend of highly concentrated dipeptides will not plug enteral feeding tubes, making it suitable for a wide range of users. Don't wait any longer to experience the benefits of PUSH Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate!

    PUSH Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate Features:

    • Concentrated blend for wound healing and healthy skin
    • Increases skin moisture and improves texture and elasticity
    • Patented, easy-to-mix formula in tasty flavors

    Part numbers: GH-17, GH-16

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