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    Real Food Blends from are intended to give tube-fed people easy access to 100% real food. If you are already blending fresh foods for use in a feeding tube at home, our blended meals give you a convenient option when blending is not possible or becomes a logistical challenge (traveling, hospitalized, at work or school, etc.). For those tube-fed people that are on a 100% tube-feeding formula diet, our meals are meant to easily give real food and nutritional variety into their diet. Our meals are not formula – they are simply meals of real food that have been pureed to fit through a feeding tube. Replacing 1-2 cans of enteral formula each day with a Real Food Blends meal can easily introduce the benefits of real food into a tube-fed person's diet. If these meals are being used as the sole source of nutrition, we recommend adding in a multivitamin and salt / sodium daily but always discuss with your medical team.

    Real Food Blends Features:

    • Over 300 calories per serving
    • Can be used by anyone with a feeding tube over the age of 1
    • Shelf stable for three years from the date of manufacture
    • Meals that have already been opened can be frozen
    • Case of 12 packs

    Part numbers: 78185, 49749, 49750, 49746, 49748, 49747, 49745

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      1. on 5/12/2020, said:
      This is outstanding. I have been blending foods for mom. She has trouble chewing. This is such a delicious tasting food. She eats much better now. I am happy to serve it.
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