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    Keto Plant Based Ketogenic Formula from is an organic whole-foods based ketogenic feeding tube formula and meal replacement. It is packed with organic nourishment. It contains 610 calories from 12 certified organic whole food plant-based ingredients. Keto is formulated at a perfectly balanced keto ratio (84% fat, 4% Carb, 12% protein). It utilizes peptides for enhanced digestion and maximum nourishment.

    Keto Plant Based Ketogenic Formula Features:

    • Perfectly balanced ketogenic meal replacement
    • Complete protein with peptides - 18 grams
    • 84% fat, 4% carb, 12% protein
    • 12 organic, wholefood plant-based ingredients
    • Sourced from the cleanest growers
    • Free of gluten, soy, dairy, corn, GMOs & BPAs
    • No artificial ingredients
    • Recipe book included

    Part numbers: KEWS124, KEWS124

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