Profend Nasal Decolonization Kit


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    Profend Nasal Decolonization Kit from is used to proactively defend you or your patients against infections related to s. aureus and MRSA colonization.

    Profend Nasal Decolonization Kit Features:

    • Total treatment time: 60 seconds
    • 15 seconds per swabstick (4 swabsticks)
    • Up to 2.5x faster than other PVP-Iodine products
    • Utilizes a broad-spectrum antiseptic rather than an antibiotic, such as mupirocin, to support antimicrobial stewardship goals
    • Kills 99.7% of S. aureus at 1 hour and 99.9% at 12 hours
    • 10% Povidone-Iodine (PVP-I)
    • Each kit contains 4 pre-saturated swabsticks
    • Neat, dry-handle design for limited mess
    • Small nasal swab for patient comfort
    • Easy to use snap and swab design
    • Self-contained, pre-saturated and ready to go
    • Ideal for S. aureus and MRSA-colonized patients in the surgical unit, ICU, and other areas of the hospital

    Part numbers: X12048, X12048

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