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    FabLife Hip Kit from HealthyKin.com is the perfect set of accessories for those who need assistance in their day-to-day tasks. Designed to help users avoid bending at the hip and improve daily living, the hip kit is a variety of selected tools that are vital in assisting patients with bathing, dressing, reaching and other activities. A total package that's ideal for those undergoing hip, knee and back rehabilitation. All the items in the kit help users regain and maintain their independence as well as prevent them from bending, kneeling, reaching and twisting. Included in the kit are a 26" reacher, a contoured sponge with a 17" handle, a formed sock aid and an 18" plastic shoehorn. The kit is a terrific asset to those moving slowly and carefully pre- and post-surgery. The 26" reacher is for people who need to grab items from high (shelves) and low (under the bed). Prevents bending, kneeling or stretching. The contoured sponge with a 17" long handle allows individuals to wash themselves and not feel dependent on anyone else. The formed sock aid is included to aid users in placing socks on their feet and pulling them up, preventing bending, pulling and straining. The kit also includes an 18" plastic shoehorn which assists in putting on shoes, helpful for those with a limited range-of-motion.

    FabLife Hip Kit Contents:

    • 26" reacher
    • Contoured sponge
    • Formed sock aid
    • 18" plastic shoehorn

    Part numbers: 86-0070

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      1. on 7/26/2022, said:
      Graber proved to be too weak for practical use (depends on a fragile string). Other items I didn't need as I had thought I would. Sorry.
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