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    Nite Train-r Bedwetting Alarm from is a highly effective, medically proven way to stop bed wetting forever. Nite Train-r consists of a small transistorized alarm and two, long-lasting moisture-sensing pads. It only takes one or two drops of urine to set off the alarm. This awakens the bed wetter so he/she can go to the bathroom normally. (There is no possibility of electric shock from the alarm system.)

    Nite Train-r Bedwetting Alarm Features:
    • Package consists of a small box with electronic alarm powered by a 9v battery and a two very effective moisture sensing pads specifically designed for either males or females.
    • Alarm box: 2 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall x 0.8 inches deep. Sensor wire: 25 inches long. Male Sensor: 6.6 inches long x 3.7 inch wide (at widest point) x 0.1 inches thick. Female Sensor: 6.6 inches long x 2.9 inch wide (at widest point) x 0.1 inches thick.
    • Comes with a 60-day warranty.
    • Insert pad into underwear, plug cable into alarm box and position near the ear.

    Part numbers: KONTF, KONTM

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