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    GeriCare Chewable Gas Relief Simethicone Tablets from is a fast-acting, anti-gas solution for digestive discomfort. Our product contains Simethicone 80 mg as the active ingredient, and each serving size consists of 1-2 tablets that can be chewed after meals and before bedtime as needed. With its quick-dissolving formula, you can relieve bloating and excess gas within minutes. In addition to the active ingredient, our product also includes inactive ingredients such as dextrose, a peppermint flavor, silica, sorbitol, stearic acid, talc, and calcium phosphate. Get back to feeling your best and enjoy your meals with peace of mind. Try our anti-gas solution today!

    GeriCare Chewable Gas Relief Simethicone Tablets Features:

    • Quick relief from digestive discomfort with Simethicone 80 mg per serving
    • Chewable, peppermint-flavored tablets
    • Bottle of 100 tablets

    Part numbers: 791-01-GCP, 791-01-GCP

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