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    Dynarex Tourniquet from HealthyKin.com is a must-have for medical facilities, hospitals, and emergency rooms. This premium compression band is specifically designed to regulate blood flow during blood collection procedures and in emergency situations. Made with high-quality, smooth, and tear-resistant elastic, it ensures optimal patient comfort and reliable performance. With its flexible design, the tourniquet measures 1” × 18”, making it suitable for adults and children. The individually rolled and banded design makes it easy to pack in medical kits for quick portability. Additionally, this disposable tourniquet is free from natural rubber latex and DEHP, making it safe for use. Get your hands on the Dynarex Tourniquet today for efficient and reliable blood flow regulation.

    Dynarex Tourniquet Features:

    • Regulates blood flow during blood collection and emergencies
    • Made with high-quality, smooth, and tear-resistant elastic
    • Conveniently rolled and banded for easy kit-packing and portability

    Part numbers: 3139, 3139, 3139

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