Fig Leaf Lite Urinary Drainage Bag

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    Fig Leaf Lite Urinary Drainage Bag from offers a discreet solution for preserving patient dignity while ensuring reliable urinary collection. With its built-in Fig Leaf Cover, this innovative drain bag hides the fluid from view, addressing a longstanding challenge in medical care. By concealing the contents of the bag, it restores patient dignity, improves the caregiving environment, and helps care facilities meet "quality of life" requirements. Additionally, the Fig Leaf Lite Drainage Bag features high-end features such as a non-return valve, anti-reflux drip chamber, needleless sampling port, and a large drain valve for convenience and ease of use. It is sterile and latex-free, ensuring safety and hygiene for patients.

    Fig Leaf Lite Urinary Drainage Bag Features:

    • Discreet urinary drain bag with Fig Leaf Cover
    • Restores patient dignity and improves caregiving environment
    • High-end components for convenience and safety
    • 2000 mL

    Part numbers: 10273, 10273

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