Sani Professional Cleaning Multi-Surface Wipes

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    Sani Professional Cleaning Multi-Surface Wipes from, also known as Table Turners Cleaning Wipes, offer a convenient and efficient cleaning solution for various hard, nonporous surfaces. These pre-moistened wipes are designed to be a quicker alternative to traditional rags and sprays, effectively removing debris and spills while leaving surfaces virtually streak-free. Motivating regular cleaning habits among employees, they impress guests with sparkling surfaces. Ideal for use on dining tables and countertops, each Solo Softpack contains 90 scented wipes measuring 7" x 11.5". Recommended for all hard, non-porous surfaces including glass, stainless steel, tile, and more. They are environmentally friendly with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels and NSF Certified for peace of mind. Simplify your cleaning routine with Sani Professional Cleaning Multi-Surface Wipes.

    Sani Professional Cleaning Multi-Surface Wipes Features:

    • Quick and convenient cleaning alternative
    • Leaves surfaces virtually streak-free
    • Ideal for various hard, nonporous surfaces
    • Each softpack contains 90 wipes
    • Case of 12 softpacks

    Part numbers: A580FW

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