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    Bauerfeind ViscoHeel K Heel Cups from correct your stance comfortably. Incorrect walking causes millions of people to suffer aches and pains. The most common conditions are either pronation (your foot rolls inward when you walk), and supination (your foot rolls outward when your walk). Both of these conditions throw the body's alignment out of sync, and can cause pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. ViscoHeel's unique wedged design allows them to work for either walking condition. Bauerfeind, world-renowned for its innovation medical products, brings you these medical-grade silicone heel cushions that help correct your alignment and provide great shock absorption to your ankles, knees, hips and back. ViscoHeel K Corrective Heel Cushions do not absorb odors and will not lose their shape or bottom out.

    Bauerfeind ViscoHeel K Heel Cups Features:
    • No definite left or right so raised part can be placed toward the inside or outside of the shoe, depending on the treatment needed
    • Medical grade viscoelastic silicone heel cushions reduce shock load to the joints and back
    • Comfortable and long lasting
    • Easy to clean with soap and warm water
    • Sold as pairs to prevent leg length discrepancies
    • Can be switched from one pair of shoes to another
    • Cushion is anatomically contoured and has a heel rim so it won't slide in the shoe
    • Does not contain latex
    • Does not absorb odors
    • Can be used to treat:
      • Pronation / Varus / Bow legged
      • Supination / Valgus / Knock Knee
      • Lateral Ankle Sprains
      • Osteoarthritis
    Bauerfeind ViscoHeel K Heel Cups Sizing:
    • Size 1: Children
    • Size 2: Men's shoe size 5 to 6½; Women's shoe size 3 to 8
    • Size 3: Men's shoe size 7+; Women's shoe size 8½+

    Part numbers: 13017102000001, 13017102000002, 13017102000003

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