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    Bauerfeind ViscoPed Insoles from is the original full length insole for targeted relief of metatarsal pain (pain under the ball of the foot), tired, aching feet, sore knee joints and back pain.

    Bauerfeind ViscoPed Insoles Features:
    • Full-length viscoelastic insoles incorporating areas of softer density in the heel and under the ball of the foot, in the metatarsal region
    • Raised metatarsal pad aids in desired realignment of metatarsal heads
    • Slight contouring of the arch for gentle support
    • Provides shock load reduction throughout the entire length of the insole
    • Ventilation holes allow for air circulation to prevent heat build-up
    • Five sizes may be easily trimmed for optimum fit
    • Comfortable and long lasting
    • Easy to clean with soap and warm water
    • Available in pairs to prevent leg length discrepancies
    • Can be switched from one pair of shoes to another
    • Viscoelastic medical-grade silicone provides peak shock load reduction to ankle, knee and hip joints
    • For an insole without the raised metatarsal pad see ViscoPed S
    • Does not contain latex
    • Does not absorb odors
    • Sold in pairs
    • Can be used to treat:
      • Metatarsalgia
      • Fat pad atrophy
      • Foot pain (plantar pain)
      • Pressure redistribution
      • Diabetic foot
      • Morton's neuroma
      • Back and joint pain
      • Hyperkerastosis
      • Splayfoot
      • Forefoot and toe deformities
    Bauerfeind ViscoPed Insoles Sizing:
    • Size 1: Men's shoe size 5 to 6; Women's shoe size 5½ to 7
    • Size 2: Men's shoe size 6½ to 7½; Women's shoe size 7½ to 9
    • Size 3: Men's shoe size 8 to 9; Women's shoe size 9½ to 10
    • Size 4: Men's shoe size 9½ to 10½; Women's shoe size 10½ to 11½
    • Size 5: Men's shoe size 11 to 12½; Women's shoe size 12 to 13½

    Part numbers: 13017301000001, 13017301000002, 13017301000003, 13017301000004, 13017301000005

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      1. on 6/11/2014, said:
      My job keeps me on my feet and in constant movement. I suffer from plantar facitis and burning in th ed balls of my feet. When I put the insoles in my shoes, I notice a remark a ble relief at the end of a long day.
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