Hydrofera Blue Ready Foam Dressing


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    Hydrofera Blue Ready Foam Dressing from HealthyKin.com is ready to use without hydration. It effectively absorbs and retains bacteria-laden exudate away from the wound. Hydrofera Blue Ready provides a barrier to moisture and bacteria.

    The standard Hydrofera Blue Ready Foam Dressing does not require a secondary dressing - the exudate is absorbed and retained.

    The Transfer options do not have a film backing - exudate is transferred into a secondary absorbent dressing.

    Hydrofera Blue Ready Foam Dressing Features:

    • Available with or without film backing
    • Antibacterial properties to help manage bioburden
    • No hydration required prior to application
    • Up to 7-day wear time
    • Costs less than most silver dressings
    • Non-cytotoxic

    Part numbers: HBRS2520, HBRS2520, HBRS4520, HBRS4520, HBRS8820, HBRS8820, HBRT2525, HBRT4050, HBRT8080

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