TwoPress Bandaging System

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    TwoPress Bandaging System from is a two-layer compression bandaging system that helps prevent and manage venous leg ulcers.

    TwoPress Bandaging System Features:

    • Layer one padding bandage is comfortable to wear, while protecting wounds and bony prominences with moderate compression
    • Layer two is a cohesive bandage that adheres to itself while in the bandaging system without pins, clips or tape
    • May be used on top of wound dressings without affecting healing or the amount of compression delivered
    • Delivers sustained compression of 30 mmHg over a seven-day period to help prevent venous leg ulcers for patients with venous insufficiency
    • Unique padding bandage layer for comfort and compression
    • Remains secure and adheres to itself
    • Keeps wounds protected between dressing changes and/or clinical visits
    • Delivers consistent compression to prevent venous leg ulcers in majority of patients with venous insufficiency
    • Latex free
    • Kit contains 2 bandages and 2 tape strips
    • Layer One: Padding Bandage, 4" x 6.8 yards stretched
    • Layer Two: Cohesive Bandage 4" x 6.9 yards stretched

    Part numbers: 43440000
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