73 Disinfecting Acid Bathroom Cleaner


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    73 Disinfecting Acid Bathroom Cleaner from HealthyKin.com is an EPA-registered, EPA-registered heavy duty and hospital grade acid bathroom cleaner and disinfectant ideal to remove hard water build-up and soap scum from showers. Disinfects in 5-minutes and sanitizes in 90 seconds compared to industry standard of 10-minutes disinfection and 5-minutes sanitization. Offers a positive user experience with a pleasant soapy fragrance resulting in reduced acid flashback. Disinfects at low-use concentrations of (8-12 oz/gallon). It is ideal for cleaning tough bathroom soils at low concentrations for economical results.

    73 Disinfecting Acid Bathroom Cleaner Features:

    • Formulated to break down hard water build-up and soap scum on bathroom surfaces
    • Disinfects at low-use concentrations (8-12 oz./gal.)
    • Disinfects in 5-minutes
    • Pleasant soapy fragrance for reduced acid flashback
    • Non-abrasive; won't scratch
    • Claims Set: E-Coli, MRSA, Hepatitis B and C, Influenza, Herpes, RSV, Salmonella and others (please refer to the product label)

    Part numbers: 6101039, 6101041

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